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All the picture published on the site are those of dead persons or having given their preliminary agreement. If your photo does not appear or then appears by mistake, please contact me.

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Schalber Thérèse
Gruber Joseph
le 23/10/1931 in Uberach

Schalber Marie-Françoise
Hassold Antoine
le 14/11/1938 in Uberach

Schalber Adèle
Cornu André
le 26/11/1901 in Versailles

Schalber Lucie
Leiritz Charles
le 15/09/1928 in Uberach

Schalber Jacques
Jancke Holdine
le 06/07/1928 in Uberach

Schalber Marcel
Hassold Marie
le 20/08/1945 in Uberach

Schalber Thérèse
Denu Joseph
le 04/05/1923 in Uberach

Schalber Charles
Bertrand Marie
le 09/10/1931 in Uberach

Schalber Marie
Lacroix Léon
le 02/02/1929 in Uberach

Schalber Jacques
Gottar Anne
le 17/02/1939 in Uberach

Schalber Joseph
Dauger Elisabeth
le 12/08/1938 in Uberach

Schalber Bernard
Wacker Marie-Jeanne
le 18/06/1966 in Mertzwiller

Schalber Dominique
Schmitt Pascal
le 27/07/1996 in Mertzwiller

Schalber Joséphine
Lacroix André
le 10/11/1938 in Uberach

Schalber Eugène
Lanoix Hélène
le 22/11/1912 in Uberach

Schalber Eugénie
Killofer Joseph
le 19/07/1946 in Saverne

Schalber Marie-Hélène
Hauswalt Etienne
le 09/04/1948 in Reutenbourg

Schalber Thérèse
Lickel Joseph
le 16/11/1946 in Uberach

Schalber Marie-Madeleine
Feurer Joseph
le 12/11/1906 in Mertzwiller

Schalber Madeleine
Schmaltz Charles
le 20/04/1914 in Reichshoffen

Schalber Auguste
Weiss Marie
le 20/10/1920 in Niederbronn les Bains

Schalber Cécile
Bank Joseph
le 10/11/1961 in Dauendorf

Schalber Rose
Lienhardt Lucien
le 21/01/1938 in Uberach

Schalber Pascal
Kleinklaus Estelle
le 27/05/2000 in Mertzwiller

Schalber Muriel
Hepp Cédric
le 05/06/2004 in Uberach

Schalber Eric
De Faria Patricia
le 12/08/2000 in Sucé sur Erdre

Schalber Marie-Anne
Zavagni Jean-Carlo
le 19/07/1969 in Uberach

Hauswalt Richard
Darrouzet Catherine
le 05/05/1984 in Reutenbourg

Schalber Lysiane
Schneider Denis
le 22/10/2020 in Kriegsheim